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  1. Jackdaw


    I don't get to see these coming in too often, so was pleased to get this picture. However, it was not until I downloaded this one, that I saw what I hope is signs of moult and not damage to his wing. When these guys do arrive, they don't hang about, so I have to be quick! TTTW
  2. Sprawk alert

    Sprawk alert

    One afternoon I heard an alarm call and a mighty flapping of wings and all the birds disappeared into the beech hedge or up into the tree. Except for this bluey, who froze on the new feeder and just sat there in this position for about 15 minutes. I hardly dared move so as not to frighten him...
  3. Osprey


    A lot of people post FOS shots... this is a LOS picture!! The last time I saw an Osprey this year (or at least the last time I saw one to photograph) Distant, as usual, so a huge crop, but I did like the way the light highlighted his tail giving him a WTE look (I wish LOL) Off to Kinnordy...
  4. In four corners...

    In four corners...

    .... well nearly! LOL One of the adult gulls had gone away for a bit of peace. I actually found it difficult to get them all in this shot, as they kept moving about, and quite quickly too.
  5. Llanfihangel Gobion

    Llanfihangel Gobion

    I've previously shown you pictures of the River Usk at Llanfihangel Gobion, but this is looking the other way. Imagine the river is over to the right, it bends it's way round so it's then in front under the trees ahead. But 20 or so years ago it took a different course and would have been behind...
  6. Stock Dove.

    Stock Dove.

    After Llangorse, we moved down to Llanfihangel Gobion outside Abergavenny. I've taken you there before, as it's a great place to visit on the banks of the river Usk and Jos Stratford's patch when he lived in the area. No sign of Cormorant on the power lines this time. Now all these year's of...
  7. Llangorse Lake

    Llangorse Lake

    Out for the day with Andy Rowlands ummm... raptor hunting. I did see a Stonechat and Wheatear on my way to pick him up. But before doing anything we had to go to Cwmbran for him to buy a camera. No, no, no... please don't make me go there ever again!!! Last year I showed you a picture of...
  8. Nagshead Reserve path

    Nagshead Reserve path

    Yaaay... my external drive is recoverable. Well at least the pictures are OK, but it needs a new caddy. I got the computer guy to download my holiday pictures to a flash drive, so I can finish off the holiday pictures and give you a rest from Dipper pics ;) I stopped off in the Forest of Dean...
  9. Blue-tailed Damselfly

    Blue-tailed Damselfly

    This was taken at the Cotswold Water Park, a huge area of lakes, some nature reserves, others for water sports and angling etc. We saw a nature reserve on the map called Lower Moor and set off to visit it.... hmmm the signage wasn't very good but we found our way in eventually! We didn't see...
  10. Dunnock


    My sister has some lovely visitors to her garden and amongst them about 4 Dunnocks. They feed on her patio so come pretty close, but generally I was having to take the pictures through the double glazing. Thanks for joining in the fun on yesterday's picture, I'm still deciding on the winner, as...
  11. One in White

    One in White

  12. Common Gull

    Common Gull

    AAP A return visit to Monikie in August and managed a digiscoped picture of this Common Gull. There was a Ruff there, but the picture is so bad I can hardly see it in the reeds!
  13. ... and here with the bairns

    ... and here with the bairns

    AAP A month later and were were back at Monikie. The youngsters were more in the open this time. I do so love their stripey heads.
  14. Just when you thought it was all over!

    Just when you thought it was all over!

    In Autumn there is still time to have a family
  15. Then these were hoping I couldn't see them

    Then these were hoping I couldn't see them

    When the activity died down on the feeders, I saw two House Sparrows hiding in the beech hedge and managed this shot of them. It wasn't until I downloaded it and blew it up for a closer look (I wanted to see if they were juvies, but am still undecided) that I saw the young Blackbird hiding...
  16. Bath Time Herring Gulls

    Bath Time Herring Gulls

    I'm sure they love a good scrub!
  17. Kinnordy does it again!

    Kinnordy does it again!

    I met a friend at Kinnordy Reserve yesterday afternoon. Usually I stop at the west end for a scan about first, but there wasn't a lot happening, so I drove slowly along the road, looking through the gaps in the hedges then stopped for a bit at this point overlooking the loch at the swamp end. I...
  18. Is this OK to eat Mum

    Is this OK to eat Mum

    On my return from Wales, the Resource Centre garden was full of young birds, mostly Blue Tits and Blackbirds. Did they come to my feeder... oh no! Even though I opened the window and told them I was back, putting out lots of juicy mealworms etc. Later in the day a young BT came and pecked at...
  19. Up the Hill Lochan

    Up the Hill Lochan

    This is a view of a bit of my Patch - an angle I'm particularly fond of. I was first drawn to this bit of upland moorland as the lochan was very new, it'd only been dug out a year or two and I thought it would be interesting to see what would find it as the years went by. Dabchick and Moorhen...
  20. Mallard


    She'd been dabbling right at the water's edge behind the long grass. Eventually she came out and started swimming across the lochan - I caught her just as she was twisting her neck around (not sure why... perhaps to shake off some water?) Rather amused by it anyway. D
  21. Fire Rainbow

    Fire Rainbow

    Probably the most amazing sky event I've ever seen. The technical name is a circumhorizontal arc. For the halo to form the sun must be very high in the sky, at an elevation of 58 or more. Cirrus cloud or haze containing relatively large plate-shaped ice crystals must also be present. There are...
  22. Wood Stork at Sunset

    Wood Stork at Sunset

    This photo was taken at Anastasia State Park, in St. Augustine, FL, USA. The sun was setting providing deep colors for the image.