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blue jay

  1. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    As I said in my last photo, Blue Jays are my only regular visitors at this point. I think they know that they're the only ones getting the goodies now. I mean, you can tell that they think they have the run of the place by the smug expression on this guy!
  2. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

  3. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata)
  4. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    This common but attractive Eastern North American species was visiting a water feature behind the observatory headquarters. Their crest often lies flat as seen here. This is presumably the darker northern race "C. c. bromia" characterized by larger, more extensive white markings on its wings and...
  5. Soggy Jay

    Soggy Jay

    Heavy rain yesterday, this drenched day points that out. Taken with an old Sony DSC-H1
  6. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    Blue decided to add to the fall decorations.
  7. A

    Has anyone else experienced eastern gray squirrels that are shy, timid, or otherwise not interested in bird food?

    Hello, folks! This isn't really a thread that I needed to post, but I guess I just kind of felt like posting it. Where we live, we have not experienced eastern gray squirrels being pesky. In fact, I'm starting to miss them after we moved out of a location with loads of them! We still have them...
  8. A

    Landscaping ideas for birds and other wildlife? Which plants are best?

    (Warning. This is a long thread.) Hello, folks! I'm posting this thread mostly for suggestions or information regarding this topic, especially based on experience. We recently moved from Avon, CT to Northumberland, NH. The state has a rather greater abundance of wildlife overall, although our...
  9. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata)
  10. Looking kind of cute

    Looking kind of cute

    American Blue Jay Its plumage is lavender-blue to mid-blue in the crest, back, wings, and tail, and its face is white. The underside is off-white and the neck is collared with black which extends to the sides of the head. The wing primaries and tail are strongly barred with black, sky-blue, and...
  11. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    This common but attractive Eastern North American species was visiting feeders behind glass at a park interpretive center called "Window on Wildlife." Here its crest is lying down flat. This is presumably the northern race "C. c. bromia" characterized by larger, more extensive white markings on...
  12. Peanut Thief Strikes Again!

    Peanut Thief Strikes Again!

    Curse you Peanut Thief! Hiding your face will not help you! Some day I will find out who you are!!!
  13. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    Backlit peanut thief!
  14. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    The explosive upsweep of wings the instant before takeoff.
  15. Blue Jay in Hand.jpg

    Blue Jay in Hand.jpg

    Since I was mentioning it in my oprevious photo, I have to re-live this moment by posting a photo of it!!
  16. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    Blue Jays, usually a very skittish and cautious bird when it comes to humans. But mine perch just above me while I sit on the deck, waiting for me to produce a peanut for them. They will come close enough for me to toss them and the jays catch them. I can't hand feed them, they are just too...
  17. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    Another effort with the Nikon1 and Sunagor 400mm all manual lens.
  18. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    Nice profile dude.
  19. Blue jays building a nest

    Blue jays building a nest

    Since spring has arrived, I thought I'd post one of my favorite photos from spring of 2021. This pair of blue jays built a nest in a tree behind our house. I kept an eye on them and their nestlings for several weeks.
  20. Blue jay

    Blue jay

    One of the more common visitors to my yard, a blue jay. This one's name is Otto, but when he's knocking over the basket of peanuts, his name can't be repeated in mixed company. And, here's a bit of trivia I never knew till today - blue jays from my home state, Connecticut, averaged a full ounce...
  21. B

    First proof/documentation of Blue Jay tool use in the wild?

    First proof/documentation of Blue Jay tool use in the wild? I found this site searching for information about the above topic. I decided to join so I could post a request for help with the information and questions below. This is a pretty extensive post for a first post so I thank you in...
  22. 3(B).JPG


    Blue Jay on a very cold morning.
  23. Just out of the bath after 15 minutes

    Just out of the bath after 15 minutes

    American Blue Jay Blue jays are noisy, bold, and aggressive birds. They are very territorial and will chase others from a feeder for an easier meal. Additionally, Blue jays may raid other birds' nests, stealing eggs and chicks.
  24. Blue Jay in Snow Flurries

    Blue Jay in Snow Flurries

    Just waiting around for more peanuts!
  25. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    Silly Blue Jay! I should title this, "Anything A Nuthatch Can Do, I Can Do Better!"