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blue jay

  1. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    Blue Jay on Forsythia
  2. Blue Jay, Central Park-SharpenAI-focus.jpg

    Blue Jay, Central Park-SharpenAI-focus.jpg

    Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata cristata)
  3. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    Blue Jay showing very shallow depth of field even at f/8. Eye is in focus but the feet are not!
  4. Blue Jay.jpg

    Blue Jay.jpg

    Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata cristata) Taken in a post oak in catkin.


    Thief, bully, seed hoover, but so pretty. Crest down, this guy was pretty relaxed despite my presence.
  6. Buffeted Blue Jay

    Buffeted Blue Jay

    Friday morning we had a snow storm. It moved through quickly and by the late afternoon the sun was out. But a cold North wind persisted, ruffling up this Blue Jay's crest.
  7. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

  8. Blue jay bolero!

    Blue jay bolero!

    A blue jay in my backyard, performing an elaborate jumping dance, along with gurgling rattle noises and clucks in between loud hawk-like screams and bobbing of its head and dipping legs...all of which seemed to be about retaining the bird bath for itself! I wanted to catch some of the jumping...
  9. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    Blue Jay looking nice in the sunlight.
  10. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    Didn't notice this till I looked at it later. I threw a peanut into the air and this Jay went inverted in flight to catch it.
  11. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    He's on high alert, because in this photo I was tossing him peanuts and he was catching them. Here he's waiting for me to toss another one.
  12. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    As late fall and with the approach of winter, the number of bird species in my yard is reduced to a handful. But, the Blu Jays are herer year round and always put on a good show.
  13. Blue Jay Head Shot

    Blue Jay Head Shot

    Testing out the new site.
  14. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    From the unexpected snowfall we had earlier this month.
  15. Blue jay happy with it's find

    Blue jay happy with it's find

    I love how happy this Blue jay looks after finding this peanut. I'm not sure who left this peanut. I noticed it at the end of the summer and I left it there. I'm glad I did.
  16. Blue jay avec peanut!

    Blue jay avec peanut!

    This beautiful Blue jay comes by the balcony grove frequently. As do the pigeons. Someone left this peanut behind and I was lazy and left it there. I'm so glad I did now because this blue jay thought it was a great find.
  17. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    This is the blue jay that I had land in my hand a few times. It no longer does that, but still comes quite close, especially when I am holding peanuts. I placed a few on the the handrail of my deck and stood less than a meter away as it landed and grabbed them up. It even stayed long enough for...
  18. Blue Jay got the prize

    Blue Jay got the prize

    Woodpeckers bored a deep hole straight down the top of this cut off branch. I will occasionally drop peanuts into it and see who can fish them out.
  19. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    The take off with a crop filled to overflowing.
  20. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    I was sitting on the back deck and this young Blue Jay was not quite sure he was supposed to leave. Fortunately, I had my camera with me.
  21. SAT. FUN Blue Jay

    SAT. FUN Blue Jay

    A sunbathing Blue Jay. Also, the look I used to get in Math class when the teacher asked me to explain an equation.
  22. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    Took off from the fence just as I snapped. Interesting flight feather configuration on the upward beat of the wings.
  23. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    Late afternoon landing. These birds look spectacular in the bright late afternoon sunlight.
  24. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    If this Blue Jay looks like its interested in something, you're right. I was holding out a palm full of peanuts. This is as close as it would come.
  25. A Blue Jay In The Hand Again

    A Blue Jay In The Hand Again

    Blue stayed a bit longer this time, staying long enough to grab three or four peanut pieces. This was a couple days ago, sorry I muffed the focus. Still, a fun moment, to catch this usually very skittish bird in the hand. I hand fed this one again this morning, but didn't have my camera with me.