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new holland honeyeater

  1. New Holland Honeyeater

    New Holland Honeyeater

  2. High one

    High one

    Why do New Holland Honeyeaters always like to sit 10 miles above my head!!
  3. New Holland Honeyeater

    New Holland Honeyeater

    Doux, I've added the head of the White-cheeked Honeyeater to show the difference. The bodies are almost identical.
  4. Seeing us off

    Seeing us off

    A New Holland Honeyeater was making sure we found our way out of the swamp. The lighting was realy difficult for this shot, done the best I could with it, which isn't great LOL Saturday Fun
  5. Stalking


    Just to the right of the goldfinch, was a New Holland Honeyeater; I'm sure he's following me around, but they are lovely! LOL I was going to post this ages ago, but the pills got to me and I've been asleep all afternoon!! They're really becoming an issue now, but I can't see any options.
  6. Top Dog

    Top Dog

    "Well he looks like the boss!) Seems New Holland Honeyeaters area trying to follow me around LOL. But what a grand place he chose for a picture!
  7. Another view of a honeyeater!

    Another view of a honeyeater!

    Not quite so well coiffeured, especially the front one... looks like he's waiting for the hairdryer!!! Not sure, but this New Holland Honeyeater looks rather young?
  8. Southern bathers

    Southern bathers

    I'd only been in South Australia a couple of days but already New Holland Honeyeaters were like old friends LOL. This was the view from the dining room while we were having dinner. Glad I had my camera handy, and no-one seemed to mind me trying to get pictures!!
  9. Black and white with a splash of yellow

    Black and white with a splash of yellow

    So we come to the final bird at Laratinga, a New Holland Honeyeater, another new bird for me. Then Peter and Adrienne dragged me away from that wonderful place. We were now off up into the hills.
  10. New Holland Honeyeater

    New Holland Honeyeater

    New Holland Honeyeater
  11. Where's my honey?

    Where's my honey?

    Now heading toward another lake I saw movement above and didn't recognise it. I thought I'd seen loads of honeyeaters in Queensland, but here was a new one - New Holland Honeyeater. A bit against the light so I've had to do a bit of work to him. Little did I know at the time that I was now set...
  12. SF:  New Holland Honeyeater

    SF: New Holland Honeyeater

    You can always rely on a New Holland Honeyeater to make you smile!
  13. New Holland Honeyeater

    New Holland Honeyeater

    New Holland Honeyeater
  14. New Holland Honeyeater 'longirostris'

    New Holland Honeyeater 'longirostris'

    A couple of posts of similar honeyeaters to compare
  15. Original


    The following morning I was awake very early but couldn't find any milk. Not wanting to disturb Alex and June I thought I'd walk along to the local garage and get some there... also I wanted to see if I could find that pesky Gilbert's (or Swan River) Honeyeater that had been in the forecourt a...
  16. Black and yellow

    Black and yellow

    I'd been struggling to get a picture of a New Holland Honeyeater since I'd arrived to stay with Alex and June... hopefully there's a better one than this to come. He was in the trees around the garden, so focusing was ummm... well not the best. Sorry.
  17. Bushed


    In the same bush as the Goldfinch a New Holland Honeyeater also settled for a moment. It was so quick, this was the only picture I managed to get
  18. Ol' White Eye

    Ol' White Eye

    A New Holland Honeyeater was desperate to have his picture taken and flew into a tree near me and just sat there! I really couldn't ignore him, could I.
  19. B/W Bathers

    B/W Bathers

    ... well with a little dab of yellow too. So I got a much closer view of a New Holland Honeyeater that morning as this was the next to come in to bathe. Breakfast just had to wait! TTTW
  20. New


    Peter and Adrienne had got a bit ahead of me, when I spotted movement in a tree. Spent a few minutes chasing it about and finally came up with this picture. I knew it was a new bird for me, but couldn't work it out. Peter immediately identified it for me as a New Holland Honeyeater. There are...
  21. Loves Grenvillea

    Loves Grenvillea

    New Holland Honeyeater taken in Southern Victoria Australia
  22. New Holland Honeyeater

    New Holland Honeyeater

    Trawling through some past photos at the moment, enjoyed bumping into this little guy again!
  23. New Holland Honeyeater

    New Holland Honeyeater

    Our neighbours have a Geisha Girl shrub (Duranta repens) which comes over the wall of our courtyard and attracts New Holland Honeyeaters in numbers!
  24. New holland honeyeater

    New holland honeyeater

  25. Checking for Danger

    Checking for Danger

    This New Holland Honeyeater was being extra careful before tucking in.