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8x20 in possession. Which one to add? (1 Viewer)

Yes, I've got a bad case of pocketitis. ;>) The Curio hinges are slightly stiffer and I do prefer them. But I've had the CLs for about 8 years which may account for the difference.

How many pocket bins do you actually have? Do some of them gather dust or do you all use them?
Do you have, besides the pocket bins, other bins as well?
Can you tell us something about your disease? 😉 How did you get it?

I am sorry about firing all those questions. I do feel some attractiveness to pocket bins as well.
How many pocket bins do you actually have? Do some of them gather dust or do you all use them?
Do you have, besides the pocket bins, other bins as well?
Can you tell us something about your disease? 😉 How did you get it?

I am sorry about firing all those questions. I do feel some attractiveness to pocket bins as well.


No worries. To answer your last question first in order to justify, rationalize, excuse, shirk personal responsibility & etc., I've collected various things over the years. In addition, I've always had a strong attraction to smaller - even miniature - versions of things that are nevertheless useful like flashlights, pocket knives, multitools, pocket binoculars, bantam walking canes and such.

So that "one two" punch has resulted in a collection of several dozen pocket bins, everything from $12 bubble packaged models to SW, Zeiss, Leitz, Leica and most price points in between.

I like to always have a bin with me and so use most of my pockets fairly regularly in rotation depending on what I'll be doing, where and in what conditions. For me as a non expert the differences in handling, size, weight, specs, image quality, etc. are actually enjoyable and educational.

I do have a number of compact and full size bins but do not use them as much since my daily casual birding/wild life walks include walking with a cane for upper body exercise making smaller bins more convenient.

Thanks! Laid down on the famous Swedish moss 🙂.
For now I decided to go for the Habicht 8x30 first. Maybe I will add a CL 10x25 or 7x21 later.

I still like the Trinovids for its size and appereance though!

I returned the Habicht 8x30 :eek:. Although I liked it, it felt like it didn't fill a gap in my arsenal. I have the NL 10x32 as pretty lightweight and didn't see a lot of reason to grap the 8x30 instead of the 10x32, because I do like the added power of the 10x32. The ergonomics of the NL 10x32 are just so nice, that although the Habicht 8x30 is lighter, I much prefer the NL 10x32 with its smooth focuser, comfortable eyecups and a bit less glare. I missed the ability to adjust the length of the strap with the Habicht as well. So it wasn't the right time for an Habicht for me yet, as I was looking for a much lighter/smaller but still comfortable pair of binoculairs... So the Habicht has to wait. But than it probably will be the 7x42 or 10x40 in maybe the more comfortable GA version, although I prefer the leatherette look. But the love for a Habicht has tempered a bit now. There is a Dutch saying: "bezit van de zaak is het einde van het vermaak." - Possession of the thing is the end of pleasure. It applied for me a bit.

So I went back to the pocket bins, but still couldn't decide which one. So I ordered the Curio 7x21 and the CL 8x25 (both black/anthracite, they really look stunning). I tried both in a shop before, together with the UHVD 8x20 and the VP 8x25 and like the swaros more, because of the better fitting eyecups, comfort and looks. I kind of ruled out the 10x25, because I wanted something more comfortable than the Trinovid 8x20 and wanted an exit pupil of >3mm.

Comparison CL 7x21 and CL 8x25
So I have the CL 7x21 and the CL 8x25 in possession now and have 4 weeks to decide which one I will keep. And again: I like them both!
  • The 7x21 weights 260 g (without strap or cap) and the 8x25 weights 348 g (without strap or cap).
  • The 7x21 is just a bit brighter in daylight (crispier, more pop, I don't know what it is, maybe the contrast? White is really white), but when it got darker I think the 8x25 became just a little bit brighter, or maybe it is just the added magnification. The difference wasn't huge.
  • The 8x25 is just a bit more comfortable, with the added weight/size and the slightly larger eyecups. The DOF of the 7x21 is of course a bit larger though.
  • The AFOV of the 8x25 is just a tiny bit larger.
  • The straps have exactly the same length. I prefer the strap of the Curio, because it is a softer string. Both straps are just long enough to carry the bins bandolier style, but are a bit tight. I Like to wear bins bandolier style and hoped the straps would have been a bit longer for that purpose.
  • I somehow like the rainguard of the Curio, because it is tiny and I only use the rainguard when the bins are in my pocket (when it rains I do not use binoculars anyway.) I also like the rainguard of the CL 8x25.
  • The focuser of the 8x25 is smoother. Really nice. The Curio has a nice focuser as well, although it was not that smooth.
  • The hinges of the 7x21 are a bit tighter, but the hinges of the 8x25 aren't particularly floppy. They were nice as well. I prefer the hinges of the Curio though.

When I went back to my Trinovid 8x20, it was like: yikes, uncomfortable (tiny) eyecups, dry focuser, glare! I didn't really like it anymore :eek:. However, it weights just 228 g. So it is really lightweight and because of that an outstanding pocket bin. I like the strap of the Trinovid as well, because you can easily detach the strap, what I do a lot. I put the strap in another pocket of my jacket (together with a cleaning cloth I always have with me as well). So I sometimes use it with strap and sometimes without strap. That is not possible with the swaros, unless I buy another strap for them.

I am tempted to keep them both and sell the Trinovid (and maybe keep the strap of it :p), because they both are much more comfortable. The Curio and the Trinovid are the true pocket bins and the CL 8x25 is the most alround binocular imo, when carrying light is important but not necessarily carrying in the pocket (but bandolier style.)

I am tempted, but am not sure, because the difference between the two isn't really big. It also makes sense keeping the CL 7x21 and adding the CL 10x25 later.
A good middle ground is the Leica Ultravid 8x20.
Better than the Trinovid, similar weight..... But...

It's not as comfortable to use as the Curio, or CL 8x25, but optically it is close to them.
I still believe the Curio is the best small bino right now, and that's from an Ultravid owner.
There is a brightness and sparkle with the Curio the others can't match, and that includes the superb VP8x25 in my opinion.

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