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ID Help - Peru - Part 2: Los AMigos (1 Viewer)


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My second post with photos from Peru, all these photos were taken in the Los Amigos Concession Area along the Madre de Dios (between Manu NP and Puerto Maldonado).

LA 01 In the field I thought it was just the “ regular” Buff-throated Woodcreeper, but the photos made me doubt, maybe Elegant Woodcreeper?

LA 02A/B Straight-billed Woodcreeper?

LA 03 Rufous-rumped Foliage-gleaner????

LA 04 The pattern on the wing suggests a Scale-backed Antbird?

Best wishes,



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1. Would be nice to see entire bill but still looks more like a Buff-throated.

2. 3. Bill looks a bit too long and not white enough to be Straight-billed. Maybe a Buff-throated.

4. The wing pattern and shape point to Xenops but which one? Bill looks pretty straight, like a Straight-billed, but that has some streaking while plumage of this one looks more like a Plain.

5. Yes, Scale-backed.


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More photos of the Furnarid LA03

Attached are 3 more photos, that's all I have.

The photo labeled LA 03B shows the white malar stripe more clearly.

Initially I also thought of Slender-billed Xenops, which were encountered fairly easily in the swampy floodplain forest in Los Amigos. The strange thing with this bird is that it doesn't have the streaks in the neck and appears to be darker overall (especially in the face). The other Slender-billed Xenopses I saw there always clearly showed the streaking in the neck and start of the back and the face was usually paler. This one also doesn't seem to have any streaking on the flanks, which Slender-billed Xenops usually has. Maybe this is a young bird?



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Thanks Jim, I will write it down as Plain Xenops. It is the first time I see this species with such a rather long and practically straight pointy bill but I just found that Restall in Birds of Northern South America also shows various subspecies with different bill lengths and thicknesses including the type of bill in my pictures.

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