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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

Is 8x32 or 8x42 the best Birding format? (1 Viewer)

Not so naive. Evolutionists would argue that death would precede recognition often enough to inhibit any other evolutionary path. I love these teleological arguments; they never fail to explain.


Figured it could be, but then I'm usually at a loss with "psycho" publications. They appear to either neglect to test the obvious or conversely make elaborate convoluted interpretation without any evidential support.... but I might be dumb ... or possibly biased ;)

Do you know anything about the core functionality of the colour opponent pathway(s)? I've somewhat failed to make sense of it but it appears to have the signature of alarm processing but then it's also involved in recognition and other functionality. It's fast, high acuity, but low discrimination (?) which doesn't to add up with the breadth of association I've read? It's tempting to associate such stuff with differences in binocular transmission and perception characteristics including sharpness, brightness and ability to spot movement. Any thoughts?

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Indeed, that's a very fine teaching site. It's encouraging that kids are being exposed to this information, and that it's available over the Internet. :t::t:

Sorry, Bill, to get you so bent out of shape. My #146 and later posts were written in reaction to your post #145 in isolation, which I guess I took too literally and didn't put into the proper context (maybe skimmed the earlier part of the thread too quickly). The time period over which photoreceptors accumulate light (and "refresh") is much shorter than the amounts of time that you were apparently discussing.



Don’t be sorry about anything …. Get bloody real! This is Billy; you know, the warm and fuzzy little gnome!

If I were that easily “bent out of shape” my doctor wouldn’t let me come to these bino sites. I’m also very used to the concept of misunderstandings. Oh, how many times have I heard a customer complain about his bino not focusing, when the real culprit was collimation. Yet, with the customer thinking that a collimator was a cross between a collie and an alligator—not knowing that binos even NEEDED to be aligned—the culprit became a focus issue.

I am sorry! I am sorry we live in a time when straight talk conjures up a feeling of bellicose sarcasm.

Yes, sometimes I will use someone’s own words against them in my efforts to make a point:

I’m certainly not one of these people who run around buying “Hate is not a family value,” bumper stickers for everyone, but I do believe it should be used sparingly and be pointed at a REAL enemy. I haven’t met any here.

So, any time you feel the need to give me a broadside, you have MY permission. Just remember, when you need to give someone a broadside, you DON’T NEED their permission!

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." — Aristotle

Bless you, and have a fantastic day,

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Tobias Mennie has a "Shoot Out" coming up between 8x42 and 8x32 premier binoculars:


"Coming next: Shootout premier 8x42s and 8x32s

Lousy weather and lack of time have prevented me from pursuing this as planned. But it´s on the schedule: The latest and greatest 8x42s, and after that my personal favourites, the 8x30/8x32s. One focus will be on the advantages and drawbacks of modern flat field binoculars vs. classic designs. "
Now here's an interesting obsevation:

---If someone says there is almost no detectable difference between 7x and 8x
(I differ with that, but...), one thing they find barely noticeable, therefore,
is a loss of 23% of the light (assuming the same objective size).
---Now....if they also said that multicoatings made a huge difference due to brightness:
they would be in severe contradiction with themselves.
Just sayin...

(this is also a contradiction if you say 32mm is about as bright as 42mm)..

7x keeps growing on me. Without it, I have to bring 6x and 8x, since I like each so much.
10x just for big-distance venues.
7x35 ... bright and light...back to the future. ;-)
I am also getting biased by the stable of great 7x35s plucked from the dross.
So I guess.....another write-in for 7x, but if you do 7x you might as well drop the objective for size.
There are some 7x30s but there should be more.
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