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What binoculars are as good as Nikon Superior E? (1 Viewer)

can't help but notice a very nice pair of 8x32 SF's have been posted in the classified for a good price today.....once again my bino buying-freeze prevented me from taking action...:)
FL 8x32, 17.8oz. UV 8x32, 18.9oz
I wear eyeglasses so I believe the UV won't work for me. The FLs are only available used and I've seen them occasionally, but as I haven't evaluated them in person I will need to find them at a location that will allow me to return them if they don't suit.
Are there any bins (preferably in the $1000 range) that are as good as the Nikon Superior E 8x32?

I bought the SE in the year 2000 and it was my sole bin until 2016 when I bought the Zeiss Victory 8x42 SF to replace it. The SF is still my primary binocular, but I'm still perfectly happy with the SE's optics, though its eye relief and water resistance remain issues. The SF had advantages of being arguably more robust, waterproof, and a much better view with the eyeglasses I was then and now wearing - virtually a perfect bin for me. The 8x42 SF's only disadvantage is that it's considerably heavier - it's 28 ounces (792 grams) vs the SE's 22 ounces (622 grams). Eight years ago I didn't think that extra weight made any difference, but now it does.

My quest now is to find an 8x30/32/33 roof prism that's lighter in weight - no heavier than the SE and preferably lighter. - It should match or better the SE optics but improve on its view, but not by going all the way up to $2500 - $3000 alphas.

I've read the reviews on the Nikon 8x30 MHG, the Zeiss 8x32 Conquest, the Kowa 8x33 Genesis, and several others, plus the Zeiss 8x30 SFL (over the current dollar limit) and probably a few others, but none of the reviews compared them to the SE - not surprising, because it's an old bin.

I have satisfied myself (B&H orders and returns) that $500 binoculars won't satisfy my admittedly first-world problem. I believe it's an article of faith here that $1000 bins are all optically good with minor handling variations. If so, will the $1000 limit work for me or do I need to go upscale, instead, and how far up?

I agree with you about using the 8x32Se with eyeglasses.

I have had many 8x32 or 8x30 binoculars: Leica BN, Nikon Se, Nikon EII, Zeiss Dyalit and even older ones. Each had its own Eyour price range, a used 8x32FL might be suitable. I hope that you might have an opportunity to try one. It is best to try before buying,

Edit: I used my FL for seventeen years but now enjoy the 8x32SF, clearly beyond your budget, even used.

Happy bird watching,
Arthur Pinewood
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To bring a bit of closure to this thread, we bought a set of Kowa 8x30, pending finding something significantly better. Sorry for the anti-climax, but they are indeed lighter, they are waterproof of a sort, are fine for travel, and they are good enough for now. Austin (Texas) Audubon is doing an event later this month in which I can compare various bins and see if I feel the need to extend my budget.

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