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Is this possibly a snowy owl ? (1 Viewer)

Thanks Paul,

I was going only by shape and proportions of the bird which fits a Raven (or a larger Falcon or a Gull) best imo. So I thought (and still think) that the video might well turn this into a (n identifiable) Raven. I know that albino Ravens are very rare, but exist (havent seen one yet) and considering Alisons impression of an owl I thougt a pale/whitish (Gyr/hybrid) Falcon would also worth considering.

So a white bird was always in my mind, but somehow I skipped this in my comment. Sorry and thanks to all!
Alexander is a man of great knowledge, but personally - yes, you may ask why I don't just wait for the video to be uploaded but ah, then that wouldn't be as much fun would it - from my own edited images from the available screenshots, I'm seeing a Barn Owl.

And, from the bit of digital distortion I have highlighted, that looks like a possible large head turned as it searches for prey.


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    possible owl.jpg
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The video is available - just click the "download" button on the iCloud page.

Unfortunately the bird is very small and distant. It's flying low and might be following the wall but I can't tell how far past the wall it is... it might just be crossing the field. It does a sudden J-turn before landing, which seems slightly odd for a gull, but on the other hand I have the impression of dark wingtips???
The video shows an unambiguous black-headed gull to me - pointed wingtips, flight action, plumage and behaviour all seem fine. Certainly lacks the front-heavy appearance and characteristic flight of a barn owl throughout.
Agreed- definitely, also you can sort of the see the typical greyish tone to the wings and back at certain points in the video.

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