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Please Read Before Posting To The Id Forum (1 Viewer)

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Here are some suggestions to maximize the likelihood getting prompt and useful responses to your query.

1. The more locational information you provide in the title of the post, the more likely it is that people knowledgeable about the birds of your area will bother to take a look at it. Country--region--state/province--county--town, the further down the location tree you go, the better.

2. The exact or approximate date of the sighting can be a useful clue to the ID

3. Photos can be extremely helpful and are always welcome, including several photos giving different views of the same bird when appropriate.

4. Some indication of size, absolute (metric or American/imperial) or relative, is always important. Bigger than a chicken, about the size of a robin, 3 ft. wingspread, whatever.

5. Behavior. Behavioral details can be very useful. Wing & tail movements, for example, are helpful for the ID of many birds.

Please don't be deterred by any of the above from posting. Don't worry if you can't provide some or all of this info. The regulars who frequent the ID forum love to show off their expertise and anything is grist for their mill. If all you've got is a glimpse of something avian disappearing in deep cover or the memory of a mysterious cry in the dark, give it a shot. Somebody here is very likely to be able to help.

Please do not post photos of eggs or captive birds for identification. You may post a link to a photo of a nest but do not post the photo of the nest here.
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