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Updated Swarovski Range and CL pockets. (1 Viewer)


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Like I said, you've gotto come to the delta of Northern Europe, The Netherlands.
Pumped the breaks. The optics manager at Sportsman’s Warehouse today said the EL Range TA, like the previous generation EL Range do not have EL glass? That is is closer to CL glass to get the laser to work. Is this true?

jan van daalen

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If my memory serves me correctly, I've been told by the designer that the optical quality of the New Range is between the ELSVPro and NLPure. It is certainly not CL level.


John A Roberts

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HD Glass in new EL Range TA?

While the TA may have HD glass, at this stage I’ve not seen anything categorical in writing, hence my qualification in post #6

When the EL Swarovision was introduced in 2010, ‘Swarovision’ comprised 4 features:
a) A flattened field of view (by the use of a more complex eyepiece)
b) Increased eye relief (again a function of the eyepiece design)
c) ‘Flouride-containing’ lenses *
d) Updated coatings (for superior transmission and colour rendition)
See some pages from a 2011 catalogue

* and of course HD glass is also used in non-Swarovision optics, see the comment on the attached page 21

Jump to today and compare the detail from the NL brochure and the TA one, in relation to Swarovision
The implication is that both use HD glass but it’s not explicitly stated for either
So realistically until we either see something definitive from Swarovski, or the results of testing, we can’t be certain



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Swarovski really do work hard on updating there product lines of late. At one point in time you could only look forward to a new or updated binocular version every 10 years or so, but Swarovski now seem to be tweaking or introducing a new product line almost every 5 years or so now.. Part of me applauds these new innovations and updates, but the other part of me is a bit cheesed off to think that I will have to potentially upgrade the current versions I have to keep up to date with the new product designs and improvements...

Brilliant. The binocular salesman's dream...


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Brilliant. The binocular salesman's dream...
I wouldn't just buy a product because they've developed a new version...
That's why I haven't bought the NL yet, it's better than the EL in some ways but also worse in some ways.. For instance the glare is more noticable, the price is very restrictive, no diopter lock, plus softness at certain parts of the FOV.

Saying that I'd love a pair if the glare could be sorted and the dipoter lock....They feel great in the hand and the focus is perfectly positioned.


John A Roberts

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FRR rest for EL Range TA

For more detail of how the forehead rest attaches, see the 3 combined images from Sport Optics:



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I received the News CL Pocket today.
And could only look something from the balcony. I already had the old CL and am curious how the new one beats. Also compared to Zeiss Victory and Swaro CL Companion
The CL ist Not much smaller than Companion but noticeably lighter.
Processing is very well. The bridge could go a bit stiffer. The focus somewhat rough and uneven but without play. Eyeposition for me more easy than in the victor.
the picture is really amazing. Brigh, sharp and very high- contrast.
While watching in sunny weather i did not notice and glare at first as i remembered it with the old CL.
Pretty impressive. Let us see how it continues to beat and that the focus gets better.
some pictures for size comparison.


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Eyeposition for me more easy than in the victor.
This is huge. After trying out a lot of binoculars - Im eager to find a nice pocket but its hard to find one with easy eye placement. I was excited to see the new CL's. The older version did not have great eye placement from what I recall. If they managed to improve on this like they did with the companion, that would be great.


Loddar, it would be good to know of the optical differences between the CL Pocket & CL Companion. Is the the Companion a noticeable improvement? Worth the extra weight and bulk? Thanks.


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Hallo Synergy,
your questions are not easy to answer.
i take the CL Pocket and Zeiss Victory for hiking.
They are small and light and of a very good quality. The CL Companion i use to observe birds for the moment.
I recently sold EL 8 by 32. In the CL Companion i notice the additional weight. But ist a Real binoculars for me.
The Companion has a much better eyeplacement and focusbuttom is bigger and more smooth.
The field ob view is noticeably bigger.
The disadvantage of the Companion ist the more false colou, C.A.
The CL Companion is for me a quite good small binoculars - but not premium.
The CL Pocket and Zeias Victory are premium for their size, but for another task.
I hope i could help you something.


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i also had the older CL Pocket as well and I do not think Swarorovski changed something to get better eyeplacement.
I have always coped better with the CL than with the Victor.

John A Roberts

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Hopefully of interest to some, this morning I came across an image directly comparing the updated and original versions of the CL at Lanius Books:
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