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Winterwatch 2024 (1 Viewer)

I am very much enjoying this year's Winterwatch. It has come a long way from the tedious roaring Red Deer stags which dominated the early series. I also really appreciate Gillian's contributions these days. She seems like a completely different presenter when she can work on her own using her own style. As an aside, does anybody know which binoculars she uses? They look like reverse porros to me which is an unusual and refreshingly modest choice. As she spends much of her time looking at small, close subjects, I suppose it makes a lot of sense in her case.

That was always on Autumnwatch which was cancelled this year on the BBC. Deer have never dominated the Winterwatches. Enjoying the programmes.
Even more Sikas, to the point where they rarely bother to mention what they are.

It's like all the old documentaries on the African savannah that would show all these birds around the elephants or the lions, but they'd never get a mention. I suppose if the camera is looking at a Hen Harrier then they're not going to mention the Stonechat you see sitting on gorse in the foreground.
They did an episode without music during Springwatch too and they got a good response from viewers about it. It's actually notable how much you don't miss the music when it's not there.

It was really good to see an extended feature on ferns. They don't do enough on plants. Now let's do a big feature on lichens - a wonderful story of symbiosis to be told.
I enjoyed it switched off on the Otter film I actually get bored hearing about Otters all the time mainly because all my life they always given me the slip and I loose interest looking for them however I e had some great encounters with them for a quick second.
I was amazed to hear all about the Portuguese Man o' War. I didn't know anything about them. What extraordinary creatures.

I've seen them off Scilly a few times (going right back to the Eighties) - quite a thrill for me then because they would often be mentioned in children's pirate stories as one of those sea monster hazards heroes had to evade. The pinkish floats are quite distinctive.

Quite apart from relations between male and female being not yet describable as perverted, these are two experienced presenters who have worked together for many years and know exactly how far they can go. It always seems a bit too teenage to me but there's always the off button if it gets too much for anyone.


They have worked together for many years but there is a time and place for such comments and it is not on a family show.

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