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passerine ordering, and names

The current position of the Fringillidae, directly following the 'nine-primaried' passerines, is compatible with a sister group relationship (if that is correct), again assuming that the AOU is not following a rule of larger taxon last for the order of sister groups. A bigger issue is why the accentors and wagtails/pipits are still sandwiched between Sturnidae and Bombycillidae when I think it is clear that they belong somewhere among the Fringillidae/Passeridae/nine-primaried passerines (the Passerida). Perhaps they are waiting for a 'definitive' answer as to where exactly they fit, or perhaps it is simply ' so many proposals, so little time'.

My main problem with Oreothlypis is the inappropriate association with cookies. Parkesia is an appropriate tribute to Kenneth Parkes, and I assume it should be pronounced 'Parks-ee-ah', though a part of me wants to call it 'Par-kee-shya'.
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