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  1. Big Boss?

    Big Boss?

    Is he going to be the one to father most of the youngsters this year? I'd not seen a sparrow in a photographable place for quite a while. Now that's not an over-exposed background, it's snow on a roof behind him. TTTW
  2. You spoke?

    You spoke?

    She was heading for the tube feeder that I'd re-positioned to the 'new perch' branch. Couldn't resist that inquisitive look! TTTW
  3. Resting


    Another visit from this lovely Fieldfare. I was really beginning to feel honoured that he kept returning (even though it isn't really 'my' tree LOL) TTTW
  4. Black in the white

    Black in the white

    Quite deep snow on the shed roof and this Jackdaw had been digging around in it for any titbits. You can just see some snow still on his bill. TTTW
  5. Dropped it

    Dropped it

    Having buried his face in the snow and retrieved that seed, he promptly dropped it!
  6. Snow Fun

    Snow Fun

    How a Yellowhammer enjoys himself in the snow. Thought this picture was rather pretty, as well as being funny. TTTW
  7. A newbie

    A newbie

    I was thrilled to see this wee guy. I've struggled to find Yellowhammers the last two years (they'd disappeared from the usual spots); though I'd heard some about a year before about 10 miles away! But here was one in my garden during that very hard spell in February. A new Garden Tick and Year...
  8. In a tangled web

    In a tangled web

    I don't seem able to get many pictures of my Robin at home for some reason (perhaps this picture goes some way to explain why LOL). Sadly I've not much snow in this picture to make it worth thinking about for a Christmas card... oh well! Wind has dropped here a bit and it's therefore a bit...
  9. Such a  poser

    Such a poser

    I just couldn't stop taking pictures of him every time he came in. Well I have to make the most of these winter visitors. TTTW
  10. What's she feeding us now?

    What's she feeding us now?

    Mr B doesn't seem too sure that the snow tastes that good to eat LOL We had a right old gale here yesterday with lots of snow showers. The snow didn't settle until a heavier fall later in the afternoon when the wind had dropped a bit. Only a very little lay and it's all gone now. A casualty of...
  11. High stool

    High stool

    I'd not seen a pigeon since the previous fall of snow back in January a few weeks before. He's found that new perch too. The sharp eyes amongst you may see the top of a seed feeder just below him... yep, I suddenly realised that I could hang one up there... and a bonus is that I can see the...
  12. Puzzled


    A little while after my SF picture yesterday, this pretty little Blue Tit arrived. He looks rather puzzled as to where all the food is, even the fat balls are a bit covered, aren't they.
  13. Where's all the birds? (SF)

    Where's all the birds? (SF)

    The view of my feeders at first light during that awful snowy period early February. The seed tray is at the bottom of the picture on the pole, so covered with snow it just blends into the whole scene. The snow was so deep I couldn't wear my shoes with the spikes on but had to put on my...
  14. Replacing


    .... the male Chaffinch; this is more or less where he'd sat at the base of the beech hedge a couple of days before. Had a good old look about before moving on to where she wanted to go. TTTW
  15. Berry picker

    Berry picker

    The next day the Fieldfare was back in the neighbour's tree. This time he found the berries and started feasting.
  16. Not impressed

    Not impressed

    Well.... he doesn't seem to be too keen on all this snow - I found him sheltering at the base of the beech hedge.
  17. Cold


    Judging by how fluffed up he is, the poor thing. This was during that cold, snowy spell in February. It's always a pleasure to see Fieldfares in the garden through the winter.
  18. Cold foot

    Cold foot

    This was the day we had a big dump of snow (which after a day or two froze hard). The Jackdaw had been pushing his bill into the snow to find anything buried there, turned around and then lifted a foot up into his feathers. You have to feel sorry for them don't you. TTTW (too cold to open it...
  19. Taken through the window

    Taken through the window

    ... for anyone wondering what TTTW means! ;) I'd not seen any Collared Doves for a while and this was only the second I'd managed to photograph this year. Does he look a strange angle to you... well he's half-way up the steep bank to the feeders, it's not high, but almost vertical. I really...
  20. Hiding (SF)

    Hiding (SF)

    This Blue Tit was most unco-operative hiding behind the feeder. Guess I'll have to cover the mesh on that side to make them come to the front. Do you think that will work? TTTW for Saturday Fun
  21. Base of the hedge

    Base of the hedge

    Lots of birds that day but not very good images as it was dark and very wet!! I guess they were hungry after the snow had melted. TTTW
  22. My rarity

    My rarity

    .... is becoming more regular! I saw one during the Christmas holidays, which was the first for a few months, now here was one at the beginning of February. Until a few years ago I'd only seen one in the area and that was up in the Glens. To get one onto my Year List, I had to go to the...
  23. Elusive


    The Dunnock in my garden had been very hard to spot, let alone get a picture of. But he showed well for me this day thankfully. TTTW
  24. Woodie on ice

    Woodie on ice

    I'd not seen a Wood Pigeon in the garden for a while, but knew they weren't far off as I'd seen some flying over during the previous week. TTTW
  25. A Clattering

    A Clattering

    Three of the regular Jackdaws that visited during January and February. There was another one just out of shot .... and another yet to arrive! A group of Jackdaws is known as a clattering for some reason. TTTW