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  1. 20210503_102851.jpg


    Hello all, I recently moved from Hazleton, Pa To Port St. Lucie, Florida. (actually been here since Saturday). We bought a house and this morning this beautiful creature landed in the yard next door and I have no clue what he is. I took this with my cell phone. My camera was still on the moving...
  2. Great Egret (Ardea Alba)

    Great Egret (Ardea Alba)

    Great Egret , showing some breeding plumage and colors, taking a break from fishing to catch up on a little grooming.
  3. Green heron with a little pot-belly

    Green heron with a little pot-belly

    This adorable, very small green heron (only stood maybe 9" tall) preened when talked to, but really loved whistles.
  4. Green heron 4-28closeup.jpg

    Green heron 4-28closeup.jpg

    This one was small - even for a green heron. It was completely unafraid and preened as I talked and whistled to it. It allowed 20+ pictures and was still standing there as I paddled away. (There are some real advantages of birding on a kayak!)
  5. Tricolored Heron (Egretta Tricolor)

    Tricolored Heron (Egretta Tricolor)

    A Tricolored or Louisiana Heron. Late in the afternoon, and a bit breezy.
  6. Prothonotary Warbler

    Prothonotary Warbler

    Singing near nest
  7. Morning Catch

    Morning Catch

    This osprey swooped into the water and caught this fish right in front of me! He then happily posed for my camera!
  8. Ruby Throated Hummingbird and Honeysuckle  (Archilochus Colubris)

    Ruby Throated Hummingbird and Honeysuckle (Archilochus Colubris)

    Ruby Throated Hummingbird and wild honeysuckle
  9. Male Boat Tailed Grackle

    Male Boat Tailed Grackle

    Circle B Bar Ranch
  10. Watch Where You Step...

    Watch Where You Step...

    Great Blue Heron Fly-by. Trailing Seaweed from one foot, but the other foot is the one that got put down too close to a 'gator (or maybe just got tangled in something). I saw this bird on the ground several days earlier gathering nest material, and it was doing well, though.
  11. Eastern Bluebird (Sialia Sialis)

    Eastern Bluebird (Sialia Sialis)

    Female Eastern Bluebird just back from a foraging trip with a mole cricket for some little bluebirds.
  12. Tricolored heron in breeding plumage

    Tricolored heron in breeding plumage

    Sitting in the shade, yet still popping with color and adornment - this tricolored heron is showing the bright blue bill, the red legs, and the long aigrette feathers on its back, all dressed up to impress a mate
  13. Red-winged blackbird female

    Red-winged blackbird female

    Quite different from the male, yet still very pretty pattern
  14. Green heron showing its hidden neck

    Green heron showing its hidden neck

    The short, stocky looking little herons that seem to have no neck at all, reveal that they actually have quite a long neck hidden inside those feathers when they perch on a branch or reed over the water and stalk a fish
  15. Monk parakeet fly-by

    Monk parakeet fly-by

    The monk parakeet, aka quaker parrot, is one of Florida's more colorful and noisy invasive species...I can't say I ever mind seeing them, even though they're not supposed to be here - every time I spot one it transports me to the Caribbean!
  16. Yellow-crowned night heron

    Yellow-crowned night heron

    Trying to have a little afternoon nap on a warm day, this yellow-crowned night heron would open one eye to watch people pass by from about 12 feet away - once determined to not be a threat, the eye would close again.
  17. Red-bellied woodpecker

    Red-bellied woodpecker

    Showing how it uses that long, barbed tongue to probe holes in the bark to pull out bugs and larvae
  18. Female anhinga ready to land

    Female anhinga ready to land

    Shooting this anhinga coming in to land, I usually would only keep the shots with the wings spread out - here the wings were almost level with the body, but I liked seeing the stretched out neck watching the landing spot, and the tail fanned out like a rudder to control the landing.
  19. A

    Gulf Coast USA roadtrip birding hot spots?

    Hello fellow bird lovers! I'm planning a road trip from Kansas City to the Florida Keys in early June. Hoping to hit the coast near New Orleans and take the coastal route the whole way. We’ll rent a car from home and fly back to KC from Miami, giving us a pretty solid two weeks. I’m looking...
  20. G

    Hello! I live In FL

    Hey, I've been a birder a while, and saw this forum while learning about a bird I've never heard of. I live in central FL, between Orlando and Tampa, this place is unremarkable for spring migration, but we're within 2 hours of some great opportunities. Unfortunately, most weekdays I have to...
  21. American Black Vulture

    American Black Vulture

    Surprised to see this fellow up a tree next to me!
  22. American Black Vulture

    American Black Vulture

    I think I am right with this id in Florida
  23. Blue-eye with a "Twinkle"

    Blue-eye with a "Twinkle"

    A juvenile white ibis who allowed me a close-up.
  24. Two Great Blue Herons

    Two Great Blue Herons

    These were taken within a few minutes of each other... the same day, same side of the canal, but NOT the same birds!
  25. Wood stork hauling lumber

    Wood stork hauling lumber

    These giant birds are capable of lifting some serious branches...late winter is time for these storks to nest and breed, so there is a lot of flying back and forth with sticks and branches to build their nests.