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  1. It's stuck!

    It's stuck!

    The Great Tit came back and obviously had his eye on this rather large piece of peanut. Think it was too big to get through the mesh though.
  2. The dining table

    The dining table

    Coal Tits, particularly, are the grab and run feeders. But what they do is to grab a seed from a feeder then take it to what they think is a safe nearby branch, hold it between their toes and peck at it. It was Ann that first pointed this behaviour out to me and I'm still, to this day, not sure...
  3. Look what I got!

    Look what I got!

    He seems to have teased out a decent sized piece of peanut, doesn't he. Proudly showing it off to me too LOL.
  4. B4CAA980-678A-46D8-BD90-D6878B81323D.jpeg


  5. Someone opened the door

    Someone opened the door

    I see there's a break in the mesh on this nut feeder, which I didn't notice when I put some nuts in there. Wondering if it was a Great Spotted Woodpecker, or a Red Squirrel that did it. Anyway, the Coal Tit seems to think he might be able to get away with a bigger nut LOL My eye is improving...
  6. One from the side

    One from the side

    Why do birds mostly sit with branches in between us and them?
  7. One from the back

    One from the back

    This year we have had some redwings flitting about. They were kind enough to sit still when I opened the window.
  8. Showed himself at last

    Showed himself at last

    A follow up image from yesterday's fun capture. The Blue Tit decided it was no good trying to hide from me after all, and moved round so I could get a better look at him!
  9. On the Lookout

    On the Lookout

    A Dunnock in the garden on the lookout for food
  10. I'm sure she can't see me

    I'm sure she can't see me

    Can you make out what it is.... a beer for the first correct answer LOL. He sure didn't give us much of a view did he!! My eye is less painful today, but rather weepy still. Focusing comes and goes a bit, but seems much clearer today.
  11. New Year's Day

    New Year's Day

    My first visit to the feeders this year and the first bird was a Great Tit. The feeders were pretty empty, so it was a good job I went, the birds soon started arriving. Thanks for you good wishes on my eye op. It went well, but is going to take a few days to settle. It's rather sore this...
  12. Heron


    Here’s something you don’t see every day a Heron just flew by and landed on my neighbour’s shed looking at their pond.
  13. Returned to the fold

    Returned to the fold

    So... the female House Sparrow decided that my food may be better after all LOL. TTTW A quick post and run today, for I'm off out shortly to have a cataract dealt with. Not sure when I'll be able to see well enough to be able to look at the laptop, maybe tonight, maybe next week.
  14. peacock butterfly on thistle.jpg

    peacock butterfly on thistle.jpg

    Peacock butterfly on thistlehed
  15. Nuthatch, Ken- Dee Marshes RSPB.jpg

    Nuthatch, Ken- Dee Marshes RSPB.jpg

    Nuhatch on peanut feeder, taken from hide at RSPB reserve. Very confiding, very active on what was a cold but sunny winter's day.
  16. Breakfast on the go

    Breakfast on the go

    Three or four Jackdaws swooped in for snatch and grab breakfast. Got this one as he was about to take off again.
  17. Pitfalls


    The trouble with this picture was threefold.. shooting through the double-glazing, it was raining and the rain was hitting the window (that's unusual). But I find these little doves so cute, I had to try and get a picture of him. TTTW
  18. Hungry boys

    Hungry boys

    They were so engrossed in feeding, they didn't really turn round propery to give me a good view of them. But I still find their back plumage rather attractive with the chestnut and black. TTTW
  19. Yummy


    This Blackbird seemed to be pleased with his find on the snow-covered roof. One of those little suet pellets. They do seem to be awfully popular just now. TTTW
  20. Mooning (SF)

    Mooning (SF)

    A mooning Coal Tit .... or his attempt at it!
  21. Loyal


    Well.... he's at least more loyal than his missis and kept himself to my side of the hedge! He's right down the bottom of the beech hedge. The greenery is actually their lawn behind it. TTTW
  22. Traitor


    With the lowering of the neighbour's beech hedge, I can now see their feeders hanging in their tree.... and here was one of MY House Sparrows feeding there! TTTW
  23. Trunked


    Since my neighbour had the beech hedge heavily pruned, I've been able to see more into the hedge of course. Normally the branches and leaves would come a few feet over onto our property and proved to be a good hiding place for cats. Spotted this wee Blue Tit down there. TTTW
  24. Screened


    I've been visited by Collared Doves this winter. There's often a pair making occasional visits two or three times a year but I've had up to 5 this time and almost daily. Got this one on the roof of my downstairs neighbour's shed. TTTW
  25. Cleaning up

    Cleaning up

    I've several Blackbirds around at the moment, including a few of these males with the dark bill. He was on the steep bank where my pole feeder is (it's been really difficult for me getting to it with the snow). TTTW