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Optics Cleaning Kits - Reviews and Recommendations (1 Viewer)

Will K

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United Kingdom
I recently bought a Zeiss lens cleaning kit, and wanted to share the good and bad points about it, in case anyone is thinking about buying something similar…

  • The air pump is very useful. The white tip can be removed and stored easily within the blue plastic body. It makes an annoying squeak every time I use it, however, and I use it a lot!
  • The microfibre cloth is good quality and comes in a useful separate plastic cover. It packs very small, and I often carry it in a pocket for use in the field.
  • The bottle of lens cleaning fluid seems effective enough, although I’m not certain how much more effective it is over simple water. Someone with more know-how might be able to enlighten me, there. The ingredients: ‘glutaral, methyl, isothiazol, etc…’)
  • The brush is not very good, unfortunately. The body seems like pretty cheap plastic, and the bristles have been falling off rather easily. Unfortunately, the brush seems to have some kind of waxy substance on the bristles which leaves marks on the lenses (it was like this at first use). I might wash it carefully and give it another go.
  • It comes with a handful of pre-moistened tissues, which are useful for travelling. As many will know, these can be bought separately in larger quantities.
This kit was about £30, and it makes a nice little package, but the most useful parts can probably be found cheaper, and just as effective, elsewhere. There is Zeiss branding on everything, but the bag and contents are all made in China. The best thing included in the kit is the air pump; the most disappointing thing is the brush.

Does anyone have any cleaning kit experience to share? Good or bad? What's the Swaro kit like?
My Swaro kit of soap & brush remain unused. Seriously, I can't imagine binoculars ever getting muddy enough to require their use.
Maybe I don't get out enough. Maybe they'd make a nice nail-brush kit.
My Swaro kit of soap & brush remain unused. Seriously, I can't imagine binoculars ever getting muddy enough to require their use.
Maybe I don't get out enough. Maybe they'd make a nice nail-brush kit.

For those who don’t know, Swarovski include a little wooden brush and bar of soap with some (all?) of their binoculars. My NL came with one. I’m sure it’s possible to use it to clean things if they became extremely dirty, but it looks like a vanity accessory, really. I wish that the NLs came with the forehead rest included, instead of the soap and brush!

Swarovski also do a separate, larger cleaning kit, like the Zeiss one.
Agree, a similar if not better kit can be put together much more cheaply than buying branded kits from the big names. My kit comprises: jet blower, Zeiss wipes, Baader lens fluid & microfibre cloth, lens pen & good quality goat hair brush. Seems to cover all eventualities.

Been using my Zeiss kits for years and they have been fine. Never had bristles detaching from the brush but it looks like the brush is a different design from mine. Don't use the cleaner fluid unless a deposit on the lens won't shift using breath and microfibre cloth.

I have a Zeiss cleaning kit, also other kits. I like to use a brush most of the time for dust it works well.
I find the Zeiss wipes leave a film which I don't like. That means they add moisture, but I need a microfiber cloth
that I spray with fluid to finish the job. The best microfiber cloth I've found is the one that comes with Serengeti sunglasses.
I also use a lens pen, the brush is useful, and the cleaning head seems to do the job without issues.
I have a Zeiss cleaning kit (I didn't buy it, nor would I have). I pretty much agree with Will's assessment. My brush was rubbish, too: so it now only gets used on my computer keyboard. I also found faffing about re-folding the cloth so it fits into the (flimsy) plastic wallet required the skill and patience of an origamist (it's actually easier to make a swan) and now use a fold-over plastic coin bag (as supplied by banks) to stuff the cleaning cloth into. I find this much more practical.

I replaced the Zeiss brush with a trusty LensPen (used them for years and it's often all that's needed).

As per many of Swarovski's accessories, it's my own view that the scrubbing brush and Swarosoap are more about the company's prosperity than practical use.
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