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Ultravid BCAs vs *current* Trinovid BCAs - real optical difference or mostly mechanical? (1 Viewer)

Mike F

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Hello durobird,

That's for the well wishes. I've always loved these small classic pocket glasses from Leica. Truth be told, I would have all four(Trinovids & Ultravids) but then they would compete for my time, so in a way having just one ensures I'll get maximal use out of it! I must admit I do miss the 10 x 25 Trinnie for its extra reach over the 8x glass but it doesn't focus as near(about 5 metres) as either the Trinovid or Ultravid 8 x 20.

I think the great charm about these glasses is that you can take them anywhere and enjoy them and because they are so well built they will last more than a lifetime if properly cared for.

Anyway, I hope you get many years of service out of your little 8 x 20 BCA!

Best wishes,

Dipper D.
A 10x25 BCA was my only bin for about 20 years. I still enjoy it just as much as I used to even though it's been joined in recent years by a 10x42 NV and a 7X42 UVHD+. I did once compare it to a 10x25UV and there was a noticeable, but relatively small, difference. However, IMO size and form factor go in the Trinovid's favour. I have the original leather pouch for them which is small enough to fit into a coat pocket. They've been a faithful and reliable 'friend' for almost half of my life. Wouldn't change them for anything!
That's good to know Mike. I know some folk who have had these Trinovid pocket glasses dating from the 1970s( the old Leitz) and are still going strong. The only differences they report between those older models and the newer incarnations are the coatings applied to the lenses and prisms which give a brighter image.

I would love to have a nice leather case for my 8 x 20. I was a little underwhelmed with the cordura pouch which is the same for the BCAs and the UV BR models. I searched around for a better option; something just as small or even smaller but which could be zipped closed and protect the instrument when not in use. I came across this black clamshell case which fits all four models really well. Indeed, I tend to keep the eyecups up even when stored in the case so I can deploy the glass as quickly as possible. Below is a size comparison of the original case compared with the new clamshell case. I also attach a pic of the 10 x 25 Trinnie in the same clamshell case for reference. The case also has a small slip case where I place a sachet of silica gel desiccant to keep moisture at bay.

Although the Trinovids don't come with eye caps or objective covers, I found an Opticron-branded rain guard( see right hand image below on the 8x 20 BCA) that works quite well with these models. Handy if you do encounter some rain.

Dipper D.


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