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Originally Posted by Richard Prior View Post
It's probably an altitude thing (cooler at dawn, no insects moving?), but here it's often a bit later before things start appearing. After a busy morning of chores I was having a lazy afternoon scanning the mountains to our East and was pleased to see the Short-toed Eagle hunting as eight Griffon Vultures and c50 Alpine Choughs wheeled around. Then a violent and windy thunderstorm ripped through, followed by the return of the calm, with it appeared not one, but two

77 Spotted Flycatcher

Two days later than last year's first one. Funnily enough to begin with they were by the famous hawthorn to which I have previously referred. After a bit of flycatching they both flew towards the house, perching briefly at the top of the overgrown leylandii (due to be chopped down this autumn), whereupon one of them launched a mock attack on the other (see photo). All good fun!
A-h-h-h! beloved Spotfly, havenít had one of those for a few years now, used to be an annual regular . On the + side my 2nd Common Whitethroat of the year, certainly not of annual occurrence for me, should be less windy tomorrow thus Iíll keep the mince pies pealed!

Originally Posted by jasperpatch View Post
Well, according to numbers, I have another 9 species to catch up with my total from last year, but I'm struggling to work out what they would be!

One warbler down though, with the nicest view I've had of 75 Canada Warbler whilst at home. Photo taken from my armchair - lazy birding!
Lazy Birding!....Iím all for that , Canada Warbler...a top drawer bird! Looking forward to seeing another soon...perhaps next year, Iíll be due for a Central Park trip by then.
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