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  1. M

    Please help, what bird is this, and is it a rare species?

    Hi bird lovers, I'm unable to capture a picture and i only have this audio. Would anyone be able to identify what bird species is this via the sound?
  2. A

    G'day from Oz with Honesty about a pair of Carl Zeiss Binoculars

    Hello to all from wonderful Australia! My name is Aaron and I'm more of a collector than a bird watcher however a search about a lovely pair of Carl Zeiss Jena Deltrintem 8×30's with the serial number 2926178 I came across recently lead me here. I'm just wondering if someone here might be able...
  3. R

    Choosing my first spotting scope, budget around 1000€

    Hi I'm new in the spotting scope's world. I have being doing a research and Kite sp 82 seems like a nice telescope in this budget. I've seen that it has two eyepieces 25-50x and 20-60x, but I don't know which one is better. If anyone can help me choosing between the two eyepieces or if anyone...
  4. G

    I found an Injured Bird.

    Hello, while I was out in my backyard today, I noticed that my dog was barking at something on the floor. It was moving, and as I approached, I realized it was an injured baby bird. My dog was trying to get to it but i saved it just in time. My guess was that it was trying to "leave the nest"...
  5. G

    Baby Mourning Dove Left Nest

    Early today one of the baby mourning doves (approximately 5 days old since it hatched) was sitting on one of my window ledges when it got spooked and flew off across the street. The mom and dad weren’t at the nest, so I thought they would go search for the baby when they got back. It’s been...
  6. O

    Canon EOS 80D always slightly "fuzzy"

    Hello! I am an avid birdwatcher and photographer for a little over a year now and I have absolutely loved using my Canon EOS 80D for it. I have recently been trying to up my game and increase the quality of my shots by reading guides and tutorials. I have been trying to get better in flight...
  7. L

    Carolina Wrens abandoned nest?

    Hello all! I have a bit of a situation.. a lovely pair of Carolina Wrens recently made a nest in a bucket full of horse bandages on a shelf in my garage here in middle Tn. The eggs hatched about a week ago, I believe there are 5 chicks, I have only ever used a camera to zoom in from a distance...
  8. A

    Crested serpent eagle or Oriental honey buzzard?

    Greetings, all. I'm a student from Malaysia and am new to the ornithological field. Recently, I've received some parasite samples from a vet who's working on exotic animals. The vet said that the identity of the host, of which the parasites were isolated from, was the crested serpent eagle...
  9. SandhillCrane02

    Birding in Iceland in July-Aug 2023

    Hello all! I hope this is the right place to post this Basically, I'm gonna be going on a 9 day trip to Iceland this summer (from July 31 to August 8) as part of a sustainable energy and environmental science program my university partners with. A lot of the trip will be spent on the educational...
  10. Azan Khan

    Snipe ID (Pakistan)

    Hello everyone, hope you are well. Kindly help with ID of this snipe. The current proposal is Solitary Snipe (a winter migrant to the location) but we are not sure. I would really appreciate if you can provide key ID pointers because I'm very confused about it. Thanks in advance:) Location...
  11. Azan Khan

    Confusing Blue-Magpie from Pakistan

    Hi everyone, hope all are well. Can you please help me ID it? And share reasons why (why not) it is a Red-billed Blue-Magpie/ or Yellow-billed Blue-Magpie? I'd appreciate your valuable response to this post. Note: Red-billed Blue-Magpie hasn't been documented in Pakistan yet. Kind regards, Azan...
  12. K

    need help identifying a bird!

    hey! this little guy has been around my house for 3 days, seemingly unable to fly despite not having any injuries. in latvia. i took him away from my cats, offered some water and wet cat food but it won’t drink or eat. don’t know what to do; don’t want him to get eaten by my cats.
  13. E

    hurt birds

    Hello, I didn't know where else to ask for advice so I decided to post this here. Two birds got stuck in a glue mouse trap outside my house today, and they're quite badly injured. I have removed both of the birds and cleaned them up using some water, and cleaned the glue off of their feathers...
  14. D

    ID Help - United Arab Emirates - Dubai

    Any help with identifying these species would be very much appreciated. I have numbered them so it makes it easier to discuss. I have also written what I think each species might be as well as the date the image was captured (DD/MM/YY) 21) Plover (24/11/14) 22) Sandpiper (19/02/17) 23)...
  15. D

    ID Help - United Arab Emirates - Dubai

    Any help with identifying these species would be very much appreciated. I have numbered them so it makes it easier to discuss. I have also written what I think each species might be as well as the date the image was captured (DD/MM/YY) 1) Buzzard (20/03/18) 2) Common Snipe (23/11/15) 3)...
  16. B

    Urgent Baby bird fell from nest storming

    A baby bird fell from its nest that I can’t find right by my house. Maybe a robin? What should I do? It’s starting to storm and there are cats around this area. How do I help or should I just leave alone?
  17. J

    Please give me piece of mind.

    Basically I had a Gardener come and cut my hedge this morning and I didn't realise it was nesting season. Even though he should have known. After he finished I noticed a nest in it with nestlings in.. the nest is completely fine and they are untouched. He took about a foot off the top and a bit...
  18. G

    New to this

    Hello, My little sister is really into birds, so I thought it would be nice to introduce her to this community. We live near Lynford Arboretum, I see a few bird watchers go through there with their cameras or binoculars. Can anyone tell me what sort of birds we can be expected to look out for? I...
  19. T

    Puerto Rico- Scarlet Ibis or Flamingo?

    Greetings everyone, I went to Puerto Rico last month, and there I saw at least 4 American Flamingos. I thought I saw 5, but an eBird reviewer told me it is most likely there are 4 and one of them is a scarlet ibis. Please look at my pictures, they were taken from REALLY far away. they all...
  20. C

    Cockatiel and hello.

    Hello, I’ve made an account for some cockatiel advice. Wally, my cockatiel is around 2 years old, and one of his eyes has this weird look, I believe he’s had it before but it just went away and I didn’t care but it’s kind of worrying me that it came back, is this any serious? Note: he doesn’t...
  21. S


    Hello I'm not a bird person but I need help immidietly. My mom found two baby common swifts at our house on the floor with the nest destroyed. She decided to take them and try helping them. One we found earlier went to a friend on a countryside but when we found the other one but he declined to...
  22. K

    I have a Wren bird nest with three eggs in it in the hood of my car

    So I noticed a bird coming from inside my car hood near my windshield wipers and today I opened up the hood of the car and there was a nest. At first I didn’t see eggs so I took it out but then I did. So at the point I put it back we’re I found it in the hood of my car. The wildlife rescue...
  23. V

    Hello everyone!

    While I do enjoy seeing all types of wildlife, I am not actually much of a birdwatcher. I have joined because I would like some help to identify a dead bird which somehow ended up on my balcony while I was away on vacation. I found it very curious and I've been wondering to myself if someone...
  24. J

    Help with assessing the risk of possible bat bite

    Hello, Im asking for help with assesing the risk of possible bat bite which happend about a week ago. Last friday, I woke up with a small wound on my forearm resembling a bat bite I found at this site...
  25. JoeGBirder

    Question about Leupold binoculars

    I've had a pair of Leupold YOSEMITE 6x30 BX-1 binoculars (the beige ones, not sure if that changes anything) for almost 7 years now, and they've been very trusty and still work pretty well. But, I was wondering if I should get a new pair of them, or a completely different brand. Or, are there...