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  1. Gone missing

    Gone missing

    When I pulled the curtains back one September morning, my first thought was... "what on earth has happened to the top seed tray. Took me a few minutes to spot it. Funnily enough, same thing this morning. Who is vandalising my feeding station? Anyway can you spot the missing seed tray. Saturday Fun
  2. Here today, gone tomorrow, that's me!

    Here today, gone tomorrow, that's me!

    A glance out the window and I noticed a different looking Chaffinch in the crowd!
  3. Black Guillemot off Fort George

    Black Guillemot off Fort George

    Every time I visit my mother in Ardersier, I walk around the shoreline at Fort George, weather and tides permitting, this was a cold, windy but sunny morning and two birds kept appearing near the shore, I didn't know at the time what they were, I just caught this one popping up behind a wave crest.
  4. Another farewell

    Another farewell

    This Red Squirrel had been a constant visitor for a few years at the Craighall feeders (at least I think it was the same one). Sadly this was the last time we saw him in mid July. So both the squirrels have gone and so far nothing has moved in to replace them at either feeding station.
  5. Just can't get at it!!!

    Just can't get at it!!!

    A Great Spotted Woodpecker was exploring a treehole with some determination. Guess there was something good to get at LOL Saturday fun
  6. Grey Partridge parent

    Grey Partridge parent

    The reason I was looking out the window and saw the Mistle Thrush, the partridge family came to visit
  7. Morning visitor

    Morning visitor

    Just happened to look out the window and .....
  8. Balancing


    Off up to my Patch again. Didn't see much but had quite a bit sitting on wires as we approached. First was a Meadow Pipit, giving a rather nice pose. Sorry, I just completely forgot that yesterday was Saturday!
  9. Like dipping for apples

    Like dipping for apples

    This Wood Pigeon decided he'd stand on the feeder tray in order to reach the hanging seed feeder... plenty in the tray of course LOL. However, as he touched the feeder it swung away from him, much to his consternation!!
  10. "Now that looks too big for you"

    "Now that looks too big for you"

    A young, but growing up fast, Robin has picked up a little suet nugget, but it looks rather large for his mouth. He did drop it a couple of shots later and looked as if he really wasn't sure about it LOL. The first picture I've taken of a young one for what seems like a very long time...
  11. Not very tuneful

    Not very tuneful

    On our way Up the Hill there were some young Barn Swallows on the overhead wires, which we stopped to photograph. In the past I'd have struggled to get them all in as there were so many. So jam-packed in it was impossible to count them. This time the struggle was because they're so spaced out...
  12. Why on earth did I

    Why on earth did I

    Take a picture of some sheep dung? Took me ages to realise I'd actually managed to get a bird in the shot. This was taken up on my Patch last month. Can you spot it and name it for a bonus point? Saturday Fun
  13. Farewell visit

    Farewell visit

    The last day of June and this was the last time we have seen the Red Squirrel at the feeders. At first I thought they might have young to raise, but they've still not been back. Much the same story at the other feeding station, no sign of one there either, for rather longer too. I rather fear...
  14. A tight squeeze

    A tight squeeze

    I just managed to squeeze the camera through a gap between a peanut feeder on the left and a large post on the right to get this picture of a juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker. Both the feeder and post were well out of focus but I had enough pixels to be able to crop them out. This was one of...
  15. Still in the yellow

    Still in the yellow

    Early July and juvenile Great Tits are independently feeding while still showing their yellowish white plumage. I wanted to tell you the story of the log feeder he was using. I'd had it a few years to use in the garden, the birds loved it and I couldn't keep up with refilling it. All the tits...
  16. Short tail

    Short tail

    Sadly I chopped off part of this Dunnock's tail!! OK not physically of course!!! I don't see these every visit, but am sure they always about; so can't resist taking their picture when they do pop out for a few minutes.
  17. The "Whaddayouwant?" Look

    The "Whaddayouwant?" Look

    He seems to have learnt that look very quickly and has it down pat already!! Great Spotted Woodpecker Juvenile in the feeding area. I'm not sure if we have placed the feeders on the edge of two adjacent territories, as we've seen both male and female adults chasing off young ones, but being OK...
  18. Dunny


    A bit late on parade as I've been out most of the day and then got news that my brother isn't feeling too good, not tolerating chemo too well by the sounds of it. Anyway was enjoying a Dunnock at our feeding station. Always a delight and so pleased he came right out into the open for once.
  19. What's going on over there?

    What's going on over there?

    A Eurasian Jay wondering if he should be going that way instead of the way he was heading!! It was still a thrill to get a jay at our new feeders, though they rarely used a feeder, preferring instead the peanuts which had been thrown on the ground where I can't get a picture LOL Not fair is it!
  20. I'm sure he's grinning!

    I'm sure he's grinning!

    Late June now, back from my holiday and supposed to be recuperating from an op. However it didn't go ahead sadly. So consoled myself with a visit to our feeders and the main species of interest was a Red Squirrel! I'm sure that's a cheeky grin on his face having pinched a peanut from out of the...
  21. Ardersier - Arctic Skua overhead.jpg

    Ardersier - Arctic Skua overhead.jpg

    I'd had a "moment" when I watched what I thought was a dark tern among all the other Terns, then it almost flew into me while chasing a tern with a catch!
  22. Female Sparrowhawk visitor

    Female Sparrowhawk visitor

    Our budgies kicked off a racket behind the curtains, next to the patio doors. When I parted the curtains this lovely lady was eyeing them up and trying to figure why she couldn't get at them. This is the second time one of these has attempted to get an easy snack. The Budgies do have a hide!
  23. Turn, Tern, Turn

    Turn, Tern, Turn

    This Tern would not turn for me ..... did eventually of course. Walking along Ardersier shore, Highland, Scotland
  24. What is that!!!

    What is that!!!

    He seems rather unsure about what might be amongst the peanuts! Great Spotted Woodpeckers are regulars at both feeding stations (this is the lower one). This was a male at the end of May, we'd not seen the female for a while. Saturday Fun
  25. New visitor

    New visitor

    A Eurasian Jay decided to test out our feeders in May (a little over a week before this image was taken). Once he found the nuts he was hooked and we see him just about every visit now. In fact one day I saw two, but the other one didn't come down to the feeders but stayed up in the trees.