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Name a bird for each letter of the alphabet- (1 Viewer)

E - Eagle Owl

Latin Bubo bubo- sounds like it's booming call. Rather atmospheric on a balmy Mediterranean evening emanating from some nearby low cliffs.

(Suggestion - folk post up a description or so of the call for each bird? I have no idea what the Antillean Nighthawk or Diederik Cuckoo sound like ... )
F - Fish Crow

Being virtually identical to American Crow and sharing most of their range with them, you can tell them apart due to the Fish Crow's nasal "uh-uh" call
I - Indian Mynah (alt name for Common Mynah).

Mimics other birds

Google -

Myna birds are very clever, and are able to adapt to a range of habitats. They communicate using croaks, squawks, chirps, clicks, whistles and growls. They also fluff their feathers and bob their head when singing. Myna birds were a popular cage bird in the 1980’s due to its ability to sing, speak and mimic new sounds. Their popularity was short lived however as the birds were found difficult to train.
J - Jamaican Crow

Locally called Jabbering Crow because of a series of gurgle like calls it makes outside of the usual "caw" calls.
K - Kakapo. Iconic species, nocturnal parrot. Another where the male gives a distinct booming call.

M - Montezuma Oropendola

One of the iconic "rainforest noises" of old movies. A rising gurgling call that's unique to it and related members of the family
Q - Quail

Distinctive wet-my-lips wet-my-lips call ... A good one to get on the garden list when we lived in France ... stepped out of the house to go to the caravan for the night when must have flushed one up from beside the patio, it's call carrying in the clear spring night as it flew off northwards.

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