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Category:Otidiformes - BirdForum Opus

Order: Otidiformes




Otidiformes is an order in the class Aves.
It was formerly included in the order Gruiformes.

Order Otidiformes viewedit

Family Otididae viewedit

Genus Otis viewedit
O. tarda Great Bustard

Genus Ardeotis viewedit
A. arabs Arabian Bustard
A. kori Kori Bustard
A. nigriceps Great Indian Bustard
A. australis Australian Bustard

Genus Chlamydotis viewedit
C. undulata Houbara Bustard
C. macqueenii Macqueen's Bustard

Genus Neotis viewedit
N. ludwigii Ludwig's Bustard
N. denhami Denham's Bustard
N. heuglinii Heuglin's Bustard
N. nuba Nubian Bustard

Genus Eupodotis viewedit
E. senegalensis White-bellied Bustard
E. caerulescens Blue Bustard
E. vigorsii Karoo Bustard
E. rueppelii Rüppell's Bustard
E. humilis Little Brown Bustard

Genus Lophotis viewedit
L. savilei Savile's Bustard
L. gindiana Buff-crested Bustard
L. ruficrista Red-crested Bustard

Genus Afrotis viewedit
A. afra Black Bustard
A. afraoides White-quilled Bustard

Genus Lissotis viewedit
L. melanogaster Black-bellied Bustard
L. hartlaubii Hartlaub's Bustard

Genus Houbaropsis viewedit
H. bengalensis Bengal Florican

Genus Sypheotides viewedit
S. indicus Lesser Florican

Genus Tetrax viewedit
T. tetrax Little Bustard


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