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Category:Oriolidae - BirdForum Opus

Family: Oriolidae


Old World Orioles. These should not be confused with the new world orioles that belong to the family Icteridae


Oriolidae is a family in the Order Passeriformes.
The reduced genus Pitohui, formerly in Pachycephalidae, is now placed in this family. The Piopio was formerly placed in the family Petroicidae (Australasian Robins)

Family Oriolidae viewedit

Genus Pitohui viewedit
P. dichrous Hooded Pitohui
P. cerviniventris Raja Ampat Pitohui
P. kirhocephalus Northern Variable Pitohui
P. uropygialis Southern Variable Pitohui

Genus Oriolus viewedit
O. melanotis Olive-brown Oriole
O. bouroensis Black-eared Oriole
O. decipiens Tanimbar Oriole
O. forsteni Grey-collared Oriole
O. phaeochromus Dusky-brown Oriole
O. szalayi Brown Oriole
O. sagittatus Olive-backed Oriole
O. flavocinctus Green Oriole
O. xanthonotus Dark-throated Oriole
O. albiloris White-lored Oriole
O. steerii Philippine Oriole
O. isabellae Isabela Oriole
O. oriolus Eurasian Golden Oriole
O. kundoo Indian Golden Oriole
O. auratus African Golden Oriole
O. chinensis Black-naped Oriole
O. tenuirostris Slender-billed Oriole
O. chlorocephalus Green-headed Oriole
O. crassirostris Sao Tome Oriole
O. brachyrynchus Western Black-headed Oriole
O. monacha Ethiopian Black-headed Oriole
O. larvatus African Black-headed Oriole
O. percivali Mountain Oriole
O. nigripennis Black-winged Oriole
O. xanthornus Black-hooded Oriole
O. hosii Black Oriole
O. cruentus Black-and-crimson Oriole
O. traillii Maroon Oriole
O. mellianus Silver Oriole

Genus Sphecotheres viewedit
S. hypoleucos Wetar Figbird
S. viridis Green Figbird
S. vielloti Australasian Figbird

Genus Turnagra viewedit
Skull t.png T. tanagra
North Island Piopio Skull t.png
Skull t.png T. capensis
South Island Piopio Skull t.png


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